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Argyle Kilt Hose

The process to make our Argyle Hose is nearly as impressive as the finished product. Our customers know that we do not carry anything but the best we can find. Our Argyle Hose is no exception. Certainly exceptional in looks. The process does not start until we send our knitters a swatch of your tartan. The yarn is hand dyed to match , spun by hand on an old style wheel. Then with the hands of an artisan knitted into our Argyle Hose. Argyle Hose that the Duke of Argyle would be proud to call his own.

Our hand made, hand dyed wool Argyle wool hose is custom fit to you. We ask for a few  measurements. 1) From the front of the toe to the heel for the total length, 2) from the floor to the top where you want to hose to go to, 3) the largest part of the calf.  The price for our Argyles is $165.00 a pair.  Please allow six  weeks for these custom made socks.

Please call to order 800-992-5458 or email at Tartan@kilts.com

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