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Freemason's Universal Tartans

Please call before ordering any items in the Universal Freemason's Tartan.
The mill in Scotland has been out of fabric and is in the process of weaving our order.
Thank you for your patience.

Dear Customer:  To increase the fundraising for the Freemason's, prices have gone up. Know that a portion of your money is going to Fellow Brother's and their lodge.

The Kilt & Thistle Scottish Shops purchases all fabric through the Grand Lodge of Utah.
The structure of this fundraiser is subject to review and/or change by the Grand Lodge of Utah and Wildwest Woolies.
 The Freemason’s Universal Tartan was designed and registered by Anne C. Gilmour using colors specifically chosen to represent Masonry and the concordant and appending bodies related thereto.
  For a picture and more about this great new Masonic Tartan click on the button below.


Tie Std. Men's Made by  Woolen Mills of Scotland. You are assured of the highest quality that will last a lifetime of service. The tie is smooth 100% worsted wool and is traditional width of 3 1/2"  $45.00
Bow Tie A great accent to any wardrobe. Works for Formal or when you want to standout. They will ask what tartan you are wearing.  You can be proud to tell them.  Comes in Pre-tied only.       $45.00
Bow Tie & Cummerbund Set For those very few occasions that you can not wear a kilt. Frankly I can't think of any. A Bow tie and Cummerbund have a traditional look and a timeless appearance. Bow tie and cummerbund are made in Scotland of the new Freeman's Universal Tartan.
 Set $110.00
Man's Vest Tailored in Scotland in the new Freemason's Tartan. Elegant on it's own or under a jacket. Satin back and 11oz. tartan wool in front. Pair this with a bow tie or standard tie for a professional  look. $125.00
Please contact us for measurement help.
Scarf Scarves are  12" wide by 59" long. Made of smooth 100% worsted wool. Made in Scotland. $60.00
Ladies Sash  This a wonderful accessory for the Ladies and Lassies. Sashes are 12" wide and 90" long. Allowing it to go around and pin at the hip are many other variations. Very versatile. $70.00
Men's Casual Kilt  Please see our Kilt Section about the Casual kilt here.  This looks just like a traditional 8 yard kilt with a few differences. $345.00 Please contact us about ordering at Tartan@kilts.com .
Full Highland Kilt The full 8 yard traditional kilt. See our Highland Kilt Section here. $545.00
Full Freemason's Highland We have the Universal Freemason's Kilt outfit. Masonic from head to toe.
Click here to see the outfit.

For more attractive Masonic items for your kilt outfit click here.


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