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The Kilt & Thistle at kilts.com uses only the best fabrics and best kilt makers in the world.
 We do not use, and do not recommend 10oz. wool for your kilt. 
Many other shops on the web are unfortunately doing exactly that. The  10oz. fabric is the same used on ladies skirts.  The weight of the fabric is one of the many differences between a man's kilt and a ladies skirt.

Clan Cian now available in 13oz. kilt weight fabric !!!
Now taking orders !!!!!

The addition of Irish Kilts to the world is fairly recent.  Most of the Irish Tartans were created in the late 19th Century and the 20th Century and woolen mills continued to add many of these great looking Tartans.

 One of the common misconceptions is that "MC " is Irish and the "MAC' is Scottish.  This simply not true. Some simple "rules of thumb"  if you go back in your family history far enough. Most names that begin with " Mc" or " Mac"   are Scottish. It is the Scottish Gaelic for " Son of " MacPherson is Son of the Parson . The " O " is the equivalent in Ireland, O'Bannon, O'Brian etc.  As I said this is a rule, and certainly not always the case. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding which tartan you should wear. Tartan@kilts.com

There are many great looking Irish  tartans that anyone can wear that wants to show off a great looking tartan.. 
 Here is a list of tartans that work for everyone Irish.

Irish National Tartan

Irish Harp & Shamrock Kilt

All Irish Tartans

Irish County Tartans

Please allow ten to twelve weeks for your kilt to be made and delivered to your door. Quality takes time.  And we will not compromise on the quality of anything we sell you.  Our kilts are made by traditional kilt makers that assure you of a garment that will last your lifetime and then some.  Please go to our Measurements Page and send us your measurements to start the process. If you have any questions , please contact us.


The Irish Tartans are available in 13oz. 100% wool  fabric      Casual 5 yard $395.00

Full 8 Yard kilt in in 13oz. 100% wool fabric                $ 595.00

See our great selection of Irish Sporrans

Perfect to go with your Irish Kilt is this Classic Irish Sweater.


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Irish Tartan Ties and Scarves



To Place orders e-mail orders@kilts.com or Toll free US and Canada call 1-800-992-KILT (5458)
 OR FAX US AT 1-503-588-4033 or go to our Contact  Page by clicking on the mouse.

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